Elizabeth An'Marie is a brand which is in high demand for Made to Order pieces. Every client ordering with us has a chosen time schedule (time slot) for their orders to be knitted up and shipped off to them. Bearing in mind there are not a lot of time slot in the year, So please be quick but also patient if there are no slots available. We will get back to you when a time slot reopens or new time slots have been made.

Every client with a time slot will receive an email three weeks before reminding them of there order and if they still want to go forward with their order. This will help the knitter prepare and contact their yarns manufactures to see if they have the right yarn in stock. We will never keep you in the dark and will always keep you updated with any changes to your order.


NOTE: Please also pay your invoice on time, so the knitter can receive the yarn within your time slot

Time Slot *
Choses your selected time slot for your order to be knitted up and shipped out. Also bearing in mind the seasonal months (December to the first week of January) can be the very busy months in which orders will take longer to be knitted up and shipped off. So please be mindful when booking your time slots.
Any comment or questions please do not hesitate to ask.