01st Feb 18







Find out everything you need to know about the new funky but sweet Elizabeth An’Marie Knitwear brand as we delve into the mind of our founder Shelby Marie Fuller.



Back in 2015 I made up a Motto or hashtag named ABOUT A GIRL. At the beginning of my Business ventures I was so undecisive with the name of the brand, the colours, themes and tag line motto. All I knew that I wanted to design knitwear pieces I would love to wear. My ideas were funky, colourful, pink and unique. But as my first collection developed AUTUMN WINTER 16/17, I think I lost the idea of funky, colourful and pink but I got the unique part right. As time when on through the year My hashtag/motto was no more, it turned into something of the past, an idea, a memory. And no longer was there #aboutagirl, but #believewhatyousee. So this year 2018, the year of happiness and smiles all around Elizabeth An’Marie Is bringing back #aboutagirl and investing in our past ideas and themes of funky, pink, fun and uniqueness. Elizabeth A’Marie is celebrating what it means to be a girl in this growing feminine world; it’s about girls who have the balls to do whatever they want, even if people wanna tell them they would never be able to do it – #aboutagirl is a reflection of all the crazy and unique ideas I have drawn or rooting in my head, The new hashtag will allowed me to push my ideas and creativity. Knitting and perhaps sewing up pieces which will get a little bit weirder and a little bit more surreal, just the way I wanted it to be back in 2015. 

“Where bringing fun Elizabeth An’Marie back!”


Be who you like…

#AboutAGirl is a attitude. It's about celebrating that very special, exciting or crazy time in your life, when your finding yourself and learning to become the person you were born to be. It's about freedom, starting your life - not with judgment or labels. 

Celebrating friendship, love and independence #AboutAGirl captures the free attitude each girl and women has though different styles - looks and outfits they wear. 

Each girl and women has their own story and personality. If it's their hair - their shoes or even the clothing they wear. Even if you have a so-called "Cartoon wardrobe" - working the same style or look everyday day, so be it. We are all unique! In our own crazy way. 

So, Who's your girl?

“Strength and honor are her clothing; She shall rejoice in time to come.” Proverbs 31:25



So keep your eyes pilled! Because we’re going BIG!! Can’t miss it x