Skylar Baby Pink Lace Neck Dreamer Jumper (Item #Skylar-0020)


Skylar lace neck jumper is made by hand and, uses the natures 100% Merino wool. 

At Elizabeth An'Marie we offer a made to order service.

Skylar should be washed by hand, and left to dry in a cool spot. Warm water may slightly shrink your garment, so it is best to stick to cool water. Never tumble dry. It is also best to keep your garments folded and not on a hanger. This way your garment will keep its shape. We recommend that you keep washing to an absolute minimum and only if necessary.

Wool has a tendency to pill, it is not a defect, but rather a natural result of friction. Carefully cut the pills off with a pair of scissors, or use a wool comb.