03 Feb 18








Have you heard that saying, "when a small business get a order, someone's doing a happy dance!". I know i'm not saying it right, but that was me. Last year was a year of learning new skills and being involved with big or small handmade and fashion events, but most importantly 2017 was a year of patience. I'm still learning to be patient. Wondering what tomorrow will bring me, but I know soon, oh very soon that patients will definitely pay off. And it did last year. I ended the year on a high note, walking into 2018 with money in my account, because of the Christmas orders I received. 

Below is a review of one of the orders i received around the Christmas period of last year. The order was placed by a grandfather, for his granddaughter. I now understand why my mum wonders if her dad loves me for than her (because i get all the best gifts).




" I just love my knit jumper. I love the colour and it looks really great with jeans and boots. Great quality and well knitted. keeps me very warm, very happy with my purchase. "