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This is Gracie-May!

Gracie-May! Even the name sounds sweet. But Gracie-May was nothing but sweet, when she found herself becoming a member at the “Lonely Girls Club”. Gracie-May grow up in a loving family. Mum, dad, two little sister and a big brother. Everything was perfect, until the doors from reality was closed. For years Gracie’s father was hiding a very dark Secret from her and the family. Behind close doors Gracie-Mays father was creating another family of his own, with another women. The moment they all found out was when, their father was diagnosed with cancer! The thought of your father dying and he’s secrets being revealed was heartbreaking and devastating for the whole family. But it hit Gracie harder! She was his little dads girl! She loved him to the moon and back... she always wanted to marry someone just like her dad! But that moment it left her hating all men. Years later Gracie-May found the “Lonely Girls Club”. Still hating men, she through she’ll hear what Ashley (the leader) had to say. She listened, and listened some more. And from that moment her heart was no longer hateful towards men, but softened and caring to all men, fathers and one day fathers to be. Her story was a story of love, hope, hate, but then finding love again. Her heart was broken by her very own father. But she found love again. Don’t let someone else’s mistakes, rip you from finding love for yourself x

Gracie is made by hand and uses 55% Nylon 45% Acrylic.

At Elizabeth An'Marie we offer a made to order service as our garments are not made in bulk. Hand/ Domestic knitting machine is a much slower process compared to machine knitting in bigger factories, so there is an approximate order completion time of four weeks, sometimes earlier, it just depends.

Gracie should be washed by hand or at Machine Wash 40°C. Can also be lightly Ironed and DO NOT Tumble Dry. It is also best to keep your garments folded and not on a hanger. This way your garment will keep its shape. We recommend that you keep washing to an absolute minimum and only if necessary.


Gracie is made in 3 different sizes

Model is wearing size Small (S) and is 5.5”

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55% Nylon / 45% Acrylic

Actual garment colours might differ slightly from images.

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Custom Size

If your someone with a unique body type and would like this knit to suit your body the same shown on the model click here to order a custom size x