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You may have found your favourite Elizabeth An’Marie knit, but you might be concern on the sizing. Are you someone with long arms, or long legs. You may have a big bust, showing off your beautiful curves. Most of our knits are made to one size. So shopping one of our knitted dresses may leave you wondering if our knits will have the same oversized effects on yourself.

And you have that choice!!! By adding this customs service to your cart we will be happy to custom a knit to your perfect size.

Customising any knit requires using extra wool, when making each pieces.

If you're looking to customise more than one knit, please add the amount of ‘custom size’ services to your shopping chart.

When you're finally at check out you’ll see your ‘custom size’ service added to your order and you will also see a form which will require you to fill out your size measure or your concerns e.g. if your 6 foot tall and your wanting one of our knitted dresses, or if you have long arms but still want that oversized effect when your wearing one of our knits.

You're always welcome to send us a picture of yourself to our email ( or your welcome to DM us on instagram (@shop_elizabethanmarie), before to decide to add our ‘custom size’ services to your order.

We adjust the sizes of knits, to suit your body shape better, meaning adding extra wool to acquire someone who may have longer legs or border shoulders, than the models wearing our knits online… BUT we do not customise our patterns to suit your own personal needs. Like for e.g. “could you have the sleeve shorter” “could you make the dress shorter” or “could I not have oversized sleeves”

Every knit is a finalised pattern! We will not change anything to our patterns or designs - other than adding stitches or extra material to accommodate people with unique body types x

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Additional Info

If you don’t add this service to your chart, you will not receive your custom size for the knit you are requiring custom on.

Or you add the wrong amount of service to your chart, we will refund the correct amount back to you.

But if you're asking to have our custom size service on more than one knit, but only add one custom service, you will not receive all of the customs you're requiring.