09th Jan 18







Our new collection Dreaming on a cloud of blush (coming soon! The end of January) is a collection inspired by happy thoughts. Blush colours, and Femininity. Last year Elizabeth An’Marie was designing and knitting garments in the style of baby steps, but 2018 we're going all out. Designing with a fashion week mindset, but don’t get me wrong our garments will still be assessable to wear and style  for a night out with the girls or guys, summer or winter vacation and even for those everyday school girl lifestyle - We just want every women to feel and look like they just step off the cat walk of fashion week. 2017 was a year I grew to be more happy within myself and with what I do. 

Back in 2014 when my liking and hobby to knitting started I was in a place of stress and anxiety. I just left my first year of uni at London college of Communication studying graphic design and there was also a death in the family. The power of depression hovered over me like a dark cloud. Not having anything to do but wake up late and turn on the TV. That small little whisper (I talk about this in my about page) told me to start a hobby. One of my best friend was skilled in the arts of crochet and I always thought it looked cool. So one day after that whisper (which I believe was from God) told me to do something other than watch TV. I when out and got myself a crochet hook and yarn. Bearing in mind I didn’t know anything about crocheting or which hook was the right side for which yarn or even which yarn was the best to use. I pick up anything and thought, “Yep that’s right!”. So I when back home, jumped onto YouTube and watched some crochet tutorials. Whilst I was trying to do the first step of crocheting, I was finding it to be a bit hard. But lucky there came that whisper again, “Why don’t you try knitting?” So I did. When out again got me some knitting needles and used the same yarn I brought for the crochet. Jump back onto YouTube and started to watch some knitting video instead. And Eureka knitting stuck! I found it so much more easier. 

So years down the line, I continued! Many bad days came my way, e.g. when my bank account would go overdraft. I wanted to give up so many times. But I knew I had to continue even if that dark cloud was still following me. But now 2018, four years later I’m so happy! That stress, anxiety and depression has gone and left me. No more do I wake up feeling sad with no purpose. But now I wake up reading Gods word and thanking him everyday for what he’s done for me. Last year God had blessed be with so many opportunity. I Made 5 different collections all on my own, was apart of the handmade fair and a fashion presentation for charity. And so much more has come my way, which will all happen this year, 2018. I’m so excited for what’s to happen this year. And I’m going to keepsake them in my stories.