Closer Look



09th Jan 2018

At the beginning of my knitwear journey there was a time when I had to find the right yarn supplies. I looked up and down the web looking for the right company to work with. London, America and Peru... As I was still a beginner to knitwear designing and making, I couldn’t afford to design my own colour and blend of wool from the Peruvian or the big London companies (who live on their own farms and blend their own yarn from the happy sheeps they live with). Until one day I found @woolandthegang. I browsed around their website, read their story and saw their ready made knit and knit kits - and I was even more inspired to continue building my own business! So I create a email template, asking to become a wholesale own  of their wool, as I am a knitwear designer myself. I then received a email hours later of the wholesale prices and from then our relationship of wholesale partnership began. I never did State that I was using wool and the gang products to create my knitwear garments. Until this day I don’t know why I never said, but I will say this... I’m so happy and grateful that this was a company I could use and wholesale from to help me create my first 6 Collections. Their Yarns are perfect!! And I’m always excited to see what they will do next, because they are my first and biggest inspiration 💕

Photography, Film and Styling Shelby Marie Fuller

I used wool and the gang's Sheepaca yarn to knit up all my knitwear garments. 

I used wool and the gang's Sheepaca yarn to knit up all my knitwear garments.