Elizabeth An’Marie: Women’s handmade knitwear Clothing

Welcome to Elizabeth An’Marie ☺ ♥︎

Founded in 2016, Elizabeth An’Marie is an Emerging London-based fashion label designing handmade knitwear for women and “soon men”, with a range of accessories that feature warm and pastel colours.

Elizabeth An’Marie designs and creates each piece with love and joy, using a variety of the most finest wool out there. 100% Merino, 100% cotton. We also design pieces for people who still want a bit of luxury in their wardrobes, but at an affordable price. These pieces are made using 55% Nylon and 45% Acrylic. Made to still leave your skin feeling warm, cozy and filled with all our happiness, in everything we do - We love creating pieces that play on the idea and inspiration on being yourself and not allowing anyone to tell you different. The brand's pastel loving style is inspired by shapes, oversizes, happiness and believing in yourself. If you have a dream never give up on that dream!

As well as our seasonal knitwear collections, Elizabeth An’Marie works on special fashion collaboration projects making bespoke designs. So if your interested in something custom, something uniquely yours. Drop us an email and watch your idea become a reality.

Elizabeth An’Marie. Always pastel! Always smiley!

P.S. It’s funny when people get your name wrong right! So Hello, my name is ‘ Shelby ’ Marie Fuller, not Elizabeth!

& the story behind our brand name ‘ Elizabeth An’Marie ‘ is that: Elizabeth is my mothers middle name and Marie is my middle name (Shelby Marie Fuller) x


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