As they say, winter is here (and might just stay with us, for a little while longer). The temperature drops - As the days start to cool but our minds are still mentally back on that epic summer vacation, we enter that inevitable moment when we all wonder; what on earth happened leaving me broken-hearted this summer?

Dealing with a summer breakup it can initially feel like the end of the world. Suddenly, gone are those romantic weekend trips to the beach, the cross-country road trip you’ve been planning and all that hugs and kisses that you two enjoyed the summer before. But Instead you’re left standing alone with confusion, wondering what the hell you’re supposed to do now. Who else is going to tolerate you for a week in a car while you sing along to Top 40 classics from the ‘80s!?

So Welcome to the lonely hearts club where your not along, moping and crying into your ex-boyfriends teddy bear gift. But instead you’ll be surrounded by many other girls like yourself going through a broken heart. At the Lonely Hearts club we only wear the coolest of pieces (and our tears!) So Be apart of the club, where we wear chunky turtlenecks, matching wide leg trousers and jumper sets, long bubble sleeves and chunky long knitted dresses (to keep you warm when your feeling your lowest). Not only will you be the girl who stand out of the crowd, but you’ll be given another chance to find love again. 

So join the club today, your heart won’t regret it!