01st Feb 18






"Tell me what you see?" asked the optitionist. 

I discovered my love for drawing and creating thing early in my years when I was able to hold a pen and find a white space to then be filled with colour and creativity.  But my new found love for designing and creating my own knitwear started only three years ago when I drop out of my three-year graphic design uni course, just because, "I never enjoyed it!!" (and a couple other things happened too, but I'll leave that for another about page). 

All my pieces - from my artwork and down to my craft with alpaca's hair, focuses on craftsmanship and timelessness — knitwear for living in and artwork for living with - inspired by and inspired for that classic beauty for the modern woman. Artwork for how it should be, never taken down: And Knitwear, timeless.  

Shelby Marie Fuller works out of her bedroom/studio which is based in downtown London, where all knitwear garment is handmade to order - and all Artwork piece's printed on your request. Our knitwear garments are made from alpaca wool, Merino wool and 100% Cotton (for our Hot Summer 17) all made and produced in Peru.

Oh Yeah! you must be wondering, "why did she start the about page off with that optician's quote?"
Well, that's because, of our hashtag #believewhatyousee. If you're a glasses lover or like me has to wear glasses 'not by choice' every year I have to sit through an eye test and tell the optitionist what I can see or can't see, and that was the inspiration behind my brand, logo and hashtag. Most people can't believe that I've made something which looks like it should have been made from a machine, but instead everything you see had been made using my two God-given hands. So believe what you see, because everything is made with hand on this site. 
An Idea becomes reality.