A’Marie by Elizabeth An’Marie - The More Affordable Range

Someone once told me... “even though your knits are amazing, I just can’t afford them at that price!” So I decided to create the A’Marie by Elizabeth An’Marie line, just for the people who still wanna look good in awesome handmade knits and at affordable prices.


One day in March I had a meeting with a financial support mentor. The meeting was meant to be an out come for me to hopefully be placed on there business program - but let’s just say it never ended up that way. I left the meeting feeling as if that whole hour was a waste of time. But happily I can say that I left that meeting not only feeling tired and thinking to myself, “Why I has to leave my house in this cold!” (It was still cold and snowing in the month of March) But I left that meeting, leaving there with a thought or tip I’ve heard so many times before, “Would you consider making a affordable range?” - me: “umm! Naa!” 

That meeting I had that day, the mentor (who wasn’t a great one!) told me that yes she loves my stuff but no she could not afford them. And maybe that’s what I’ve been missing to see. I love the designs and knitwear pieces I create using 100% Merino yarn (which really does leave your skin feeling warm, cozy and soft) but I now need to think of an different target market. My mind was of course up in the high end cloud, but now I need to start thinking of my fellow girl bosses down at the high street end.

Searching high and low for the best, soft and most colourful “affordable” yarn, I found it! It didn’t really take me that long, it was quite quick (it’s from the same wholesale company I ordered from to create my spring summer 18 collection!)

For now its just a small and mini collection, but also with this collection I wanted to stick with the theme I have going throughout, my choses of colours and also the beautiful theme of Happiness and joy. I’ve seen so much great things happen this year for me and the business. So why not make this a year of happiness and joy, not only for myself, also others, but through my garment too.

So welcome A’Marie by Elizabeth An’Marie for every fashionista out there looking for something unique and different at an affordable prices x



P.S. These pieces will still leave you knit feeling warm, cozy and smoove as a baby bottom.